Peter Abbonizio

Musician and Instrumentalist in New York

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Peter Abbonizio is a musician, music historian and instrumental instructor.

From a very young age, Peter Abbonizio has been completely immersed in music and its culture. Initially, he gravitated towards more theatrical music structure and performance. This was largely in part due to his fascination with both the original stage and screen renditions of Peter Pan. The richness of emotion expressed by the orchestra and how that music tells its own story without words completely captivated a young Abbonizio. All these years later, this musician is still mesmerized by music — beyond words. And now, he’s sharing that love with others as a music blogger who shares content on music culture and the history that surrounds it.

On a freelance basis, Peter Abbonizio is available for the creation and instruction of instrumental music, digital music streaming and self-publishing music across all genres.