Peter Bargh

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Peter Bargh is a highly experienced photographer and photo journalist who was technical editor on Practical Photography magazine before launching and editing the UK’s first digital imaging technique magazine, Digital PhotoFX (now Digital Photo).

He was responsible for the concept and launch of web site - a complete resource for photographers - which he was editor of for 13 years. Peter has written six books on digital photography and has contributed to a vast range of magazines and web sites, writing as an authority on traditional film based and digital photography. He's also produced a series of videos and appeared in a tv programme on digital photography.

Peter’s skill is applying his 30 years experiences in traditional photography to the digital world, helping new and existing photographers become conversant with digital technology and photo techniques.

Peter's other interest is music. As well as having a wide and diverse taste, he plays guitar and keyboards and is currently producing material in the band Sound of Flak.

He's currently working on a new project under the umbrella company "it's just lime".

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    • Internet Entrepreneur
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