App Developer in London, United Kingdom


App Developer in London, United Kingdom

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Hey there, I’m Peter. I’m an app developer living in London, United Kingdom. I am a fan of travel, programming, film and technology. You can download my apps on iTunes. Born in Holland, in the UK since 2001, after living in Cape Town. Before that I travelled (four years straight and two months of the year over the past years).

My first app on the app store is A Travel Companion; while on the road, there were certain parts I did not want to do solo. Sometimes you want to go for a beer and a meal, but not on their own - and not on a date!

Also I have seen too many stunning sites ruined by bad graffiti and posters, so available now is...

Kilroy AR, an augmented reality app, where you can leave notes with a message, a review or a poem at locations for everyone who passes by to see, like and comment on. Or a personal note for just you and a friend.

Take Nothing but Pictures,

Leave Nothing but Footprints,

Kill Nothing but Time

Write an AR note

I still love travelling. Hope you love it too!

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