Peter Furia

Head of Video in Bay Area

I'm a Bay Area "full-stack" video professional, working as Head of Video at StarTree. With over 15 years of experience in production, and a proven track record transforming how open source software start-ups leverage video, I've been called the “ultimate Swiss Army knife of video.”

In the social video space, I've been lucky enough to work with some world class talent on videos that have garnered over 250 million views online, but these days I'm more excited for the challenge of how to help OSS startups ship best-in-class video content that's educational, inspirational, and fun to highly technical audiences.

How do we make complex concepts easier to understand and more engaging and effective--while still respecting the intelligence of our audience? How do we make super high quality content that's also unforgettable? Can we leave our viewers thinking "wow, that was the best video I've ever seen on that topic."

  • Education
    • Yale University