Peter Killcommons

CEO at Medweb in San Francisco, California

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City College of New York and New York Medical College alumnus Peter Killcommons currently operates as Chief Executive Officer of Medweb, a San Francisco-based company specializing in medical imaging, telemedicine, and teleradiology. Dr. Peter Killcommons has led the company to prominence for its innovative approach to medical technology and collaboration. Utilizing the Internet, Dr. Peter Killcommons opened a gateway of collaborative work and efforts between medical professionals for more efficient and more accurate analyses and diagnoses of issues in medical imaging. His work earned him recognition in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1994. Demonstrating academic excellence throughout his undergraduate and medical education, Dr. Peter Killcommons served as Vice President of Student Affairs and participated in the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, an accelerated Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine program. In 1984, he graduated cum laude.

Dr. Peter Killcommons established Medweb in 1992 and maintains an active role as CEO. He runs the company’s radiology, telemedicine, and disaster response departments. Additionally, Dr. Peter Killcommons participates extensively in Medweb’s philanthropy programs. In 2009, Peter Killcommons traveled to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on a humanitarian trip. While the main objective of the trip was to install medical equipment and train medical professionals, Dr. Peter Killcommons also donated resources to install a new well for a small, local village across the Kabul River. He returned to Afghanistan in 2010, and intends to continue support the local residents of Jalalabad and Kabul, with another visit scheduled for January 2011. Additionally, Dr. Peter Killcommons also visited a number of United State military bases in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan to ensure high-quality medical care for the soldiers injured in combat. In November 2010, Dr. Peter Killcommons assisted in the establishment of a video conferencing link between Jalalabad and a teaching hospital in Pakistan.

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