Peter Lagreca

World Traveler, Sports Fan, and Music Lover in the United States

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Peter Lagreca is well traveled and knowledgeable in the topics of sports, cars, and music.

Watching sports on TV and going to football, basketball, baseball, or hockey games is a great pastime for Peter. While these sports are entertaining, his all-time favorite sport is mixed martial arts (MMA). Peter Lagreca loves MMA and the UFC. He enjoys learning about different strategies and techniques these great athletes use from a variety of disciplines to become some of the strongest and most gifted athletes in the world. He also enjoys going to the gym, weightlifting, and working on his own physical fitness.

Another passion Peter Lagreca holds strongly is cars, particularly his own car, the '03 Cobra Terminator. The '03 Cobra is a pure beauty and Peter makes sure to take great care of it from its outer shine to its inner workings. Taking care of his car is basically a professional career for Lagreca.

There are times, however where Peter Lagreca leaves his car behind to go out and travel the world. Peter has had amazing experiences traveling across the globe to places including Mexico, South America, Italy, Ireland and beyond.

While traveling, driving in his Cobra, or working out at the gym, Peter Lagreca loves listening to music. He is a fan of country and classic rock from legendary artists including Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, and more.