Peter Penz

Toronto, Ont.


Expertise in prospective project assessment (livelihoods, poverty, needs, capabilities, conflicts, vulnerabilities and impacts), project design and retrospective evaluations (for lessons learned); mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative)

Interdisciplinary expertise, ranging from economics to political, social and environmental studies and moral and political philosophy

Specialized expertise in: displacement by development; resettlement; reconstruction and development; forced-migration/refugee studies; connections between development, armed conflict and humanitarian crises; peace-building through development; environment and development; indigenous populations in development; displacement by climate change; humanitarian crises and assistance; development economics and policies; global justice and international obligations

Excellent cross-cultural sensitivity and communication skills

Over 30 years university teaching experience with analytical frames and methodological foundations and extensive publications based on academic research

Successful management of research centre and major research projects

Languages: English and German, French reading


• Results-based evaluations, assessments and appraisals (quantitative and qualitative) of projects, especially of projects that involve the displacement of people, the demobilization of soldiers or environmental risks
• Development philosophy and the debate about the Results Agenda and “the politics of evidence”, development indicators
• Capacity building in critically assessing evaluations and appraisals, including in governments and universities
• Needs assessments with a focus on livelihoods, peace-building, environmental and social impacts and risks, local concerns and aspirations
• Research, analytical methods, and consultative protocols in policy-making approaches to policy advocacy
• Post-war states, especially South Sudan

  • Work
    • Professor Emeritus, York University
  • Education
    • D.Phil, University of Oxford
    • M.A., University of British Columbia
    • B.A, University of British Columbia