Peter Rakvica

Trencin Slovak republic

My mission is to search restlessly for investment opportunities available in constantly changing markets, further, introduce found opportunities to my clients. I can offer more than 13 years experience in insurance and banking field. Since 2005 I have been active FOREX trader and in 2010 I established business for buying and selling precious metals, which successfully settled on the market. Today, I am half-owner of small brokerage company called Swiss brokers, s.r.o. which sells banking and insurance products and services. Moreover, I am 100% shareholder at GOLD & SILVER INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o. which sells precious metals products (investment gold, silver, platinum, palladium), investment brilliants to its private clients as well as retail clients. The last but not least, we offers professional financial advisory for investing in these substantive values. In addition, due to my great interests in e-commerce, both professional and personal, I decided to establish MANDRA, s.r.o. company (online pages currently under re-construction) where I hold 100% shares. This company concentrates its mission within e-commerce, online applications development, marketing and advertising in order to innovate continuously all online business activities and projects we have. Lastly, MANDRA, s.r.o. also owns popular online pages about newest technologies and related products and healthy products online shop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mojou obchodnou filozofiou je vyhľadávanie investičných príležitostí v prostredí neustálych zmien na trhu a následne informovanie a sprostredkovanie týchto príležitostí klientom. Mám viac ako 13 ročné skúsenosti v poisťovníctve a bankovníctve. Od roku 2005 sa aktívne venujem obchodovaniu na FOREXe a od roku 2010 predajom a kúpou fyzických drahých kovov. Som spolumajiteľom malej maklérskej spoločnosti Swiss brokers, s.r.o., ktorá sa zaoberá bankovníctvom a poisťovníctvom. Majiteľom spoločnosti GOLD & SILVER INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o., ktorá sa zameriava na poradenstvo vo vecných hodnotách pre privátnu klientelu, pričom v súčasnej dobe je to nákup a predaj drahých kovov (investičné zlato, investičné striebro, platina, paládium), a nákup a predaj drahých kameňov (investičné brilianty).

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    • SPSE Stara Tura, Slovak republic