Peter Van den Meutter

Translator in Sint-Oedenrode, Nederland

Hi, I'm Peter and I specialise in top quality simultaneous translations of focus groups and individual interviews for qualitative market research. What you get is the full 100% of what's being said, including intonations, even body language! All this with exceptional stamina. Source and target languages: English, French, Dutch. Venues: anywhere between Amsterdam and Paris. Subjects ranging from frozen pizzas to... heart valves! Benefiting from 20 years of experience, I also translate your screeners, questionnaires, discussion guides, concepts, reports, transcripts, etc. You just found that pleasant, hassle-free and reliable interpreter. Refreshing, isn't it? Just contact me and, let's dive! (Mobile 00 31 6 8201 9999 - Looking forward to meeting you soon. Best, Peter (Oh, and I love jazz and wine)