Peter Vander Auwera

Independent Thinker, Creator, and Sensemaker in Aalst, Belgium

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Independent Thinker – Creator – Sensemaker - Artist – Innovator – Experimentalist

My ambition is to inspire other people to dream and make their best work. I love connecting with the experts, the musicians, and artists of all kinds, to bring out the very best in them, to love to work & live with them to show personal intent and integrity, so that others want to join our projects too. My dreams are about creation, novelty, beauty, harmony, structure and coherence. Mastery and excellence are my guidance; mystery is what I aim for.

My work is usually about architecting situations, insights and interventions that lead to higher states of alertness in organizations, so that people can make their best work. I am at my best in my role as independent thinker, creator, sensemaker and architect/designer/curator of memorable experiences.

I like the mix of solitude desk-research, combined with meeting great people, and creating serendipities and intensities. I like the smell of "stage" and creating uniqueness. I have an urge to challenge the status-quo.

Bragging rights: Former Co-founder of Innotribe: SWIFT‘s innovation initiative. Main architect and content creator of Innotribe at Sibos (2009-2016). Project lead of the Digital Asset Grid, major project on peer to peer sharing of data. EAI Solution Sales and Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Electronic Identity Card plans, for which I received in 2005 the Microsoft Chairman’s Award. TEDx speaker, REXpedition member, and member of the WEF Tiger team Personal Data. Co-initiator of Corporate Rebels United, a movement to unite corporate rebels worldwide to ensure that true change happens virally. Charter Member of Change Agents Worldwide. Advisor and investor in Volta Ventures, and on the advisory board of several organisations and startups. Throughout my career, i won several other innovation and going-beyond awards.

I am Belgian, Flemish primitive, married to Mieke, and proud father of a 12-year-old daughter.