Peter Zielke

Peter Zielke serves as the CEO of the Dallas-based firms Exigo Office, Inc. and Aeprio Networks, LLC. Exigo Office provides robust high security transaction processing solutions, which business teams can customize. Peter Zielke has worked for 10 years in designing n-tiered applications that are highly extensible.

As co-founder of Aeprio Networks, LLC, Peter Zielke leads the company, which provides bandwidth, fiber connectivity, servers, and co-location options. The firm’s team strives for optimized information technology solutions by using load balancing, content delivery networks, and the least latency routing possible. Peter Zielke’s first exposure to the technology field was with Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems. He then assumed roles in network design, security, and general information technology. The avid traveler has visited more than 35 countries and speaks fluent English and Spanish.

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