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Waterlovers are glad to have some rain in the summer and every warm aromatic drop is swallowed by their skin. They feel good in the drizzling fog, even wrinkles may settle seeing a running or calm water. Dipping one's hand underwater, stroking the dimply surface and listening to warble settles one's soul at rest. Every river is like brothers, every lake is greeted as they were old friends.
Most people have never felt that way. For them water is only a dead matter running from taps or something that fills up pools. No need to explain, they will never understand sitting at banks holding a fishing rod all day long and even if you have not caught any fish you still get home satisfied. Neither will they understand why it is more joyful to release fish back to streams.
Love like this may pass when ordinary days are coming but some of us are so lucky to have this feeling till the end of time.
These waterlovers have much in common.

(From my book: Between two willows)