il Capitano Petri Saarinen

Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Startup Coach in Helsinki, Finland

il Capitano Petri Saarinen

Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Startup Coach in Helsinki, Finland

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# Firestarter #Dreamcatcher

#Trailblazer #Entrepreneur

# Reserve Officer, Mil Signal Corps, Finnish Army (Parachute Brigade, Signal Corps)

# Co-founder, Inventor, Chief Development Officer. Teraloop Ltd Oy

# Managing Director of European practice. US SEC/FINRA M&A financial broker MobileSolve Group Inc.

# Founder of Tailgate Ventures

# Founder for BoW Africa, Women Empowerment project in Africa.

# Disrupted U Academy - Stealth mode education startup and non-profit society for providing meaningful learning for Africa.

# Executive Advisor at^ collaborative engagement program.

# Executive Advisor at a Portuguese Startup Hub. Hub launch in 2018.

# Co-founder, Chairman. NESA Nordic Energy Storage Association r.y.

# Co-founder, Chairman. Nordic N8 Crypto Blockchain Association.

# Co-founder of Eduze, Johannesburg, ZA


# Top 30 European Energy Startup 2017.

# listed in May 2016 as Top 500 Science and Deep Technology startup, by (out of 4k start-up list)

# listed in August 2016 as Top 70 Science and Deep Technology startup, by (out of 500 start-up list)

# Top 30 European Energy Startup 2015.

# Digital distribution startup Eduze, First startup in the world to receive impact funding by TED Talks, TED Walks Fund in 2016.

# Eduze, Best African Digital Tech Startup, award winning startup by Demo-Africa, African innovation challenge 2013.

# Former Associate Partner at Breadfruit Capital Ab, Sweden/Finland.

# Former Partner at Leikki Media 2006 - 2008, exit 2009.

# Board Adviser, for a start-up trading platform for non listed tech companies. Trading; Shares, IP and Assets.

# Google Innovate 10X, ThinkTank, Blue Ocean, Kanban, Lean, 6Sigma, Canvas, etc.

Interests; Share Economy, UAV, UAS, Sensors, Robotics, IoT, AI/VR/AR, Energy, Water Desalination, Education 3.0, Future Food, Blockchain, Ledgers, Crypto, etc.

My professional experience includes;

+8 years in Financial strategy services.

+14 years in the sector of Energy, Industrial and Mining/Geophysical technology, and industrial automation.

+12 years: ICT & TMT sector.

+4 years: IoT, Sensors, Automation/AV-industrial systems.

Lived, Loved, Studied & Worked in; Bahrain, Chile, California, Finland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc

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