Patricia George-Zwicker

The deep blue sea

Welcome, my name is Patricia and I live on the East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia.

I'm an Autistic and Epileptic adult advocate and along for the ride is Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder, PTSD, chronic Depression and Synaesthesia. Say that 5 times fast!

The condition of Autism has several co-occurring conditions which is often where a lot of the physical struggles come from and why we have so many different diagnosis's. Many of the emotional struggles we face are from lack of acceptance and accommodation - not because we are Autistic.

I'm an artist that uses many mediums. The most endearing and special to me is Photography, mostly macro and long shutter speeds. It, along with music are the ways I often prefer to communicate.

I'm also a writer and a poet. I love working with pastels. Recently I've started to embrace digital art. It's helping my art grow immensely. I have being Autistic to thank for my creativity.

I'm also an Environmentalist. This is a painful passion to have. I hear the earth screaming from all we have done. So I give back as much as I can. One of my greatest joys is gardening, both flowers and vegetables. I grow spectacular sunflowers!

I have 2 Dogs, 5 Chinchillas and 1 Long Haired Syrian Hamster that have graciously accepted the invitation to live with me and allow me to walk their journey with them. My yard is filled with bird-feeders and a rabbit comes by from time to time. There are also snakes and various moths and butterflies. From May to September there are upwards of a half dozen hummingbirds. I am far more comfortable with them, than I am with people. Dragonflys are pure magick. So are little brooks that run through the forest. I can often be found near some sort of waterway.

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