Yue Phaer

Student in 广岛县, 日本

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"Glad to see you."

With a nickname of Phaer or Cura, etc., being a bachelor of science(Physics) (back to Graduate School now for a Master/PhD in Cosmology/Astrophysics), anyway he also likes literature, arts and music and things alike.

Sort of a trilingual speaker so feel free to contact with him in Chinese, English and Japanese.

His Chinese name is the same name of a famous mountain in Hunan Province, China, which sounds giant; however he always looks upon into the starry sky and finds himself a tiny trivial transient thing in the vast universe. Sad to be so so trivial, happy to be so cute.

Eager to experience and try, interested in such a vast kind of things that he wonder if his mundane flesh can accommodate with his dreams.


As is convinced that people can't be simply described with several words or tags,were you interested, he would invite you to find more about him several clicks away below.

  • Education
    • University of Science and Technology of China
    • Hiroshima Univeristy