Pheng Laogumnerd

CEO in Dartford, United Kingdom

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Hello! I’m Pheng Laogumnerd, founder of Pheng Laogumnerd Travel.

Born to a computer software developer father and a teacher mother and growing up in China, I have had a rich and fulfilling multicultural upbringing. In 2003, I decided to broaden my horizons by departing to the UK to pursue further studies. I have been a traveller ever since.

Together with my company, I help people broaden their definition of “going on holiday” by offering them a more immersive and exciting experience than they would find elsewhere. This might range from a camel ride in Egypt to a surfing lesson in Australia. I was inspired to pursue this path through my own passion for travel. Having been to many places, I kept realising that there is always more out there to experience. As an avid photographer, I understand the importance of capturing important moments, and so I hope to create these moments for everyone through the services my company offers. Also, as a photographer, I extensively document the places I go on to promote as destinations, so rest assured that everywhere my customers end up going is tried and tested.

Since starting Pheng Laogumnerd Travel back in 2009, I have been following tourism industry trends very intently, keeping an eye out for new and exciting places that can provide fresh experiences for seasoned travellers. So if you want to know what the next great destination will be, just give me a shout, and I might just tell you. With my company, I also seek to promote a cultural sensitivity when it comes to travelling to foreign places, as well as a greater emphasis on ecological sustainability. Having grown up in an international setting in a number of countries, I have gained a profound respect for local traditions and I feel that protecting this is an increasingly important issue for us today. I also firmly believe that being mindful of these can provide a more authentic more enjoyable experience.

As a CEO and founder of a successful company, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity of being an invited guest speaker at a number of leading industry events. So don’t be surprised to see the name Pheng Laogumnerd in an event programme. These events give me a chance to share my knowledge on the industry, share my research on industry trends, and also promote some of my own convictions about the sustainable future I envision for the industry.