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We outlined a cutting edge office kitchen for the design studio, so we needed to utilize an intriguing material for the ledges - an option that is other than the conventional stone, corian, or butcherblock. A modern space is an extreme place, so irregular and mechanical looking materials are an intelligent decision. We tossed different thoughts around about what may look cool - solid, slate, stainless steel, varnished plywood - and after that we recalled the old-school, those phenolic resin countertops from secondary school science class. It turns out lab tabletops are produced using phenolic sap - a relative of the early manufactured pitches that were utilized to make things like Bakelite back inthe mid 1900's. Phenolic Boards are made by splashing layers of spongy material, for example, paper, wood clean, cloth or cotton strands in phenolic tar and subjecting it to warmth and weight. Once the tar cures, the subsequent item is asuper extreme, warmth and stain-safe board.

We reached one of the greatest producers of design phenolic boards. Dissimilar to some HPL boards, Brikley doesn't contain formaldehyde and is hence qualified for indoor air quality credits under the green building accreditation framework. Their neighborhood deals rep, greg, sent us tests in different hues and, beyond any doubt enough, the antiquated research facility dark was accessible and additionally mod metallic hues, for example,Aluminum. Greg offered us designer exchange evaluating which ended up being more financially savvy than substitute ledge materials, for example, rock or strong surface items, which by and large cost amongst $30 and $40 per square foot.When we understood what number of hues were accessible and how financially savvy it was, we chose we could utilize HPL Countertops for work areas, office racks, cupboard entryways and restroom counters.

We thought of a rundown of area we required, which ended up being a lot, so to shield the expenses from raising we inquired as to whether there was overage or scrap material accessible. Greg reached one of Southern California's greatestfabricators of phenolic boards, who coincidentally had remaining boards they were cheerful to pitch to us for the cost of the work to bundle it. Many shcools choose Best Phenolic Resin Countertops We requested 7 sheets (in dark, aluminum, and metallic dim), which added up to a largeportion of a huge amount of boards.

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