Phil Olszewski


I am quiet - introverted (at first) - off the beaten path kind of guy, lover of data and information, foodie, outdoors man, going where no one has gone before, web designer, passionate about helping non-profits & small business.

I love helping non-profits that help children. I am a softy around children and love to be a kid at their level - they are so honest...

I went to U of O where I majored in Computer Science and minored in Business. Having higher aspirations I joined the Air Force to become a Paratrooper only to find out I was partially color blind and did not qualify. Nor did I qualify to be a Computer Systems Analyst. So, I took on Accounting and Finance where I knew I'd at least get to work with computers. One day when I accidentally pressed the wrong keys on the mainframe computer and was presented with a "c:>" prompt. That's when it all started.

I freelance helping small business, non-profits, individuals and other businesses of various sizes. Turning staunchy websites into beautiful websites.

I really love designing websites,, and bringing clients ideas to life. I have fun playing with my Zombie Site -

Photography is a lot of fun - but working with the image and getting the most out of the hidden image is even better.

  • Education
    • UofO, Air Force, MS Systems Engineer