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Welcome to my About.Me* Site, another FREE Tool I use to Brand myself and My Business to the World ... Listen:

What IF You really were in the Right Place @ the Right Time ? Could You make a decision to join a Company you'd be proud to share with Anyone ? JOIN me w/ ...

ReGenALIFE* Whole Foods with a Purpose is One STRONG Business Opportunity to take very seriously, as PLANT-Nutrition* is ESSENTIAL ... Every BODY needs IT. ReGenALIFE* is in 29 Countries to date. Impressive.

They currently ship to: UNITED STATES. Albania, AUSTRALIA, BAHAMAS, Belize, BERMUDA, Botswana, Bulgaria, Camaroon, CANADA, Georgia, GUAM, Indonesia, IRELAND, JAPAN, Lithuania, Malaysia, NEW ZEALAND, PHILIPPINES, PUERTO RICO, Rumania, Singapoore, South Africa, SWEDEN, UNITED KINGDOM, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, VIRGIN ISLANDS, Zimbabwe.

DIRECT-CELLARS* Fine Wines is another Option to consider IF You Love Wine? Now shipping to the US, the UK, Australia and Germany. Also very strong indeed.

Thank you for your time ... Follow my lead today.

Phil Schaefer - Your Global Marketing Assistant

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