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I'm a former astronautical engineer, Air Force pilot, high school math and science teacher and computer network technical writer who has learned how to thrive in body, mind and spirit in spite of adversity. At the age of 22, my parents and 19-year-old brother were killed in a plane crash. In 2003, my older brother dropped dead in a hospital elevator after suffering a massive heart attack while on the way to take a treadmill stress test. In 2006, I went through radiation treatment for prostate cancer, then had cryo-surgery in 2010 when the cancer returned. Later in 2010, my spine was fused from L2 through S1. In 2011, complications from radiation and cryo-surgery disintegrated my prostate and ruptured my bladder, spreading infection throughout my entire abdomen, pelvic bone and right groin. The day after 11 1/2 hours of abdominal surgery in which my prostate, bladder and rectum were removed, the chief surgeon said to me, "Most people in your condition would be dead." I'm now a double-ostomate, yet I'm able to walk, jog, hike, weight train, ride a horse, and ride a zip line (among other things) -- all at the age of 65+. (I suppose I should add that jogging and weight-lifting are slightly restricted due to two permanently-torn rotator cuffs and one cobalt knee joint -- this after three shoulder operations and one knee operation between 2000 and 2008. What can I say -- I can't resist pushing the envelope...)

I'd love to share with you what I've learned over the years about surviving and thriving DURING adversity as well as afterwards. It's all in my book, A Journey of Faith: Learning Life Lessons From Unexpected Losses.

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