Phil Campbell

Writer, Film Producer in New York

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I'm one of the few people you've ever met to be listed in "Ripley's -- Believe it or Not!" for doing something truly odd.

I'm the published author of the eccentric memoir Grassroots, which was adapted to film in 2012 by director Stephen Gyllenhaal and stars Cedric the Entertainer and Jason Biggs, who plays me.

I'm the executive producer of the documentary I'm with Phil, about an international relief effort of Phil Campbells that I led to the tornado-stricken town of Phil Campbell, Alabama. The film won "Best of the Fest" at the Heartland Film Festival in 2015, was shown multiple times on Alabama PBS, is streaming on iTunes and Amazon Prime.

I am now writing a third book and am making a pitch for a third movie (details to be revealed later).

Make stuff, and make stuff happen (and make it good). Persevere. Care. Remember empathy.