Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella has dedicated his life to senior advocacy and the education of retirees about their financial matters. Founder of First Senior Financial Group.

First Senior Financial Group

We work hard to get retirees off of the voltile money market, and into safer investments. Our goal is to save the American retirees out there from losing anymore of their precious assets. It is our personal endeavor to make sure that you never lose another penny on a down day ever again!

First Senior Financial Group, home of the Crash Proof Retirement Radio Show, was founded and operated by CEO Phillip J Cannella in order to offer Senior Citizens a way out of the risky money market. FSFG is backed by a great staff, who care and share the same mission as Phil Cannella.

We provide what we call a 'crash proof' education for retirees or those close to being retired. Our process consists of three steps in which we delve deeply into your personal needs, lifestyle, and comfort. We want only the best for our clients, so much that we guarantee that 100% of your assets works for you 100% of time. We are consumer advocates, and therefore our service is free of fees and charges!

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