Philip Bart Bruck Textiles

Director or Textile in Sydney NSW

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Philip Bart has been at the forefront of the textile industry's transformation during the last two decades. He has been involved in a variety of textile-related firms that have aimed to improve efficiency, innovation, and quality of textiles primarily manufactured in Australia. He is a staunch supporter of "local production," and where it is not economically feasible, "overseas manufacture with maximal Local Content." Based in Sydney, New South Wales, he has led his companies through some difficult times, continuously putting his employees' and customers' requirements on an equal footing with his own, seeing them as equal "stakeholders." He is once again at the forefront of innovation.

Prior to entering the textile sector, Philip Bart was involved in a number of business ventures that exposed him to a wide range of industries, including eyewear. After all was said and done, he decided to pursue a career in textiles. He used his background and experience to get his foot in the door. He continued to implement what he had learnt, eventually rising to the position of CEO of one of the largest textile enterprises in the Southern Hemisphere.