Philip J Bradbury

Writer, Editor, and Teacher in Brisbane, Australia

Philip J Bradbury

Writer, Editor, and Teacher in Brisbane, Australia

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Giving over 1,000,000 of you the ability to create your own opportunities through books, coaching and online resources. More resources are being developed all the time so, beware, I could be in your town soon!

I write over a book a year,in every genre but there is one theme – to help you find peace, your place in the world & to rediscover the you that you lost. I share your hope that my words will help you unlock the prison you’re in, the current drama you can’t find your way out of. I share your hope and willingness to find your passion, your wings and take on the life you’re born to experience. It's my hope for me as well.

I spent twenty years in the wrong occupation. 1 year of accounting & I knew we didn’t fit each other. Why did I stay?

Years later, I found I’d stayed bored & desperate to please my father and my wife. I couldn't please them. I can only please me.

Once I’d realised I was in a rut – a grave with the ends kicked out – I was stuck. I didn’t know what else to do. Also, the income provided for my family. I had responsibilities & had to go on. I couldn’t let them down. But I let me down.

I followed my father's example – sticking in a job that sucked me dry – & became more angry & depressed.

The divorce was traumatic, sad and releasing but, work-wise, I quietly slipped sideways into teaching and then, because of my 20 wasted years, facilitated personal development courses and men’s groups. I quickly realised I was a lousy accountant and slowly realised I was a great teacher. I loved it and, 20 years later, still do.

If you’re misaligned you can't give (or receive) your best till you get wise about the choices you’re making in your actions, words & thoughts. My words May bring you back to wisdom, home & to the peace you know is there.

The dream I’ve realised for myself is the dream I have for you. I write for both of us.

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