Philip J Bradbury

Writer, Editor, and Teacher in Brisbane, Australia

Philip J Bradbury

Writer, Editor, and Teacher in Brisbane, Australia

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We are not generalists. We are adventureists, curiousists and whatsroundthenextcornerists. We revel in the ordered chaos of anarchy and know that pigeon holes are for pigeons; not for humans.

I never set out to be this way, any more than a homosexual set out to be their way. It was just the way I was born and my not-fitting-into one bucket has caused me no end of drama and depression. I have oft wished I was otherwise but, in moments of clarity, I rejoice in the diversity my life has brought.

So, what does a whatsroundthenextcornerist look like? I have:

* Lived in over 50 houses, in 4 countries and have landed in at least 28 international airports.

* Been married 3 times and divorced 2.

* Qualifications in business (BBS, ACA, Dip Bus, DipL&M), in Life Choice Sciences (Counselling, Life Coaching & Transactional Analysis) and in teaching (CAT, CTA, Cert IV T&E, LLN).

* Moved myself round the planet by foot, bicycle, motorbike, scooter, car, van, bus, truck, donkey, horse, camel, yacht, felucca, motorboat and aeroplane.

* Represented my school at more sports than anyone else, by 1971, and that record still stands, I think.

In New Zealand I experienced life as an accountant, credit manager, company director, shepherd, scrub-cutter, tree pruner, freezing worker, plastics factory worker, saxophonist, army driver, tour bus driver, stage and television actor and singer, builder, lecturer, facilitator for men’s groups, reporter, columnist, magazine editor, publisher, writer …

In South Africa as an AIDS workshop co-facilitator …

In the Australian bush as a barman, horse and camel trekker and stock-whip teacher …

In England as a contract accountant, corporate trainer, estate manager, lecturer, singer/songwriter, website editor/writer and freelance writer …

Back in Australia, house renovating, teaching, writing and website building. Then, in 2019, we’re off to New Zealand to “settle” and we do know, right now, we’ll be speaking at the Lokinwi Festival in September, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The constant for my wife and I is A Course in Miracles, a psychological life-style course in forgiveness. Through it I have found the peace I had always been searching for – the journey to where we have always been.

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