Philip Cariño

Writer and Virtual Assistant in Davao City, Philippines

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Hey that's me in 2013, atop a water buffalo ("kalabaw" or "kabaw" in local tongue). This is where my freelancing income mostly takes me--adventures in different parts of my country I've never been to.

I believe that traveling now while I'm still young and energetic makes me richer in different ways. I always have new travel plans every year and it never hurts to explore and welcome more freelancing opportunities.

Passion & Work:

Writing for me is both work and fun combined. It pays off and I get to do some of my other passions. As I have evolved through years of offsourcing, I am now also an experienced virtual assistant who has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve day to day zen!

One of my ultimate dreams: travel the world.

You can read my articles on my FME Blog! :)

  • Work
    • BGVA, Pepper VA, NOW, BMN
  • Education
    • Ateneo de Davao University