Philippe Casciola

Philippe Casciola works as the Head of Information Technology at Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking in New York City. In this position, Philippe Casciola is responsible for the management of nearly 50 employees and for overseeing the technological infrastructure of the company network, telecom, and servers, as well as providing application support and managing the help desk. Philippe Casciola serves as a liaison between Credit Agricole's business units, including the head office, and their information technology infrastructure. With over 25 years of experience working in information technology as a network engineer and manager, Philippe Casciola has valuable expertise in analyzing user specifications and innovating solution designs, as well as implementing networks, systems, disaster recovery sites, and business applications. Before moving to New York to work with Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking in 2000, Philippe Casciola served as a consultant for the company for four years through Sistemas y Servicios de Comunicacion, a company specializing in creating and delivering technology solutions that is based in Paris, France. He previously worked in information technology positions with several major corporations in Paris, including Euriscom, Sernam, Coverland, and Solvay. Philippe Casciola received his Baccalaureat D, the French term for an academic qualification taken at the end of secondary education, majoring in mathematics and sciences. He then studied at the École Privée des Sciences Informatiques (ESIG), a French private engineering school, where he earned a French university-level BTS degree, or an Advanced Specialist Degree, in information technology. Philippe Casciola attended the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (The National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), a doctoral degree-granting higher education establishment known for technological research and innovation, in Paris, France, until 1988.

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