philip rostek

painter, theorist, composer. Philip Rostek has exhibited his work regionally ln his home city of Pittsburgh PA. USA, nationally and internationally. During the 80's / 90's he was an invitee to the DAX Group (Digital Art Exchange) at Carnegie Mellon University where he participated in early global telecommunication art exchanges. His background in Fluxus related work and mail-art in the 70's led to the adoption of alter ego identities including 'phriar phil' - whose work as a painter includes 29 works on the life of St. Francis of Assisi held in the permanent collection of St. Bonaventure University. After a heart transplant in 2008, Phil's work as PhilPhilUSA (YouTube) now includes music - especially toward ballet and dance. His interest in the relationship between creativity and wellness has led to stage performances and speaking engagements and has excellerated his involvement in theory as it relates to education reform, right hemisphere cultural ascendency in the West, and a continued passion for both collaborative and personal expression. also [email protected]