Philip Whitehall

Philip Whitehall

This London-born techie has Thai and Scottish parents, lived in three countries, speaks five languages and enjoys creating anything in the world of websites, games, audio and photography. He is currently a developer at the BBC.

Phil is the creator of XiinEngine (previously named NAX) content management system/framework/CRUD generator and has web development skills in the areas of HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP 5.x, SQL 2 & 3, JavaScript (inc. jQuery & JSON) using software packages Notepad++, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator to help him on his way.

Phil has studied BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Games Technology at City University, London UK and has successfully gained a 1st class degree. His Dissertation title was 'Reversed-Perspective Platform Gaming', which explores the saturation of current game genres and developing a demo using C++ and OpenGL.

Since 2006, Phil has also been involved with online radio broadcasting through Radio Nintendo by doing live shows, site management and development in this time. In the last year, Radio Nintendo has had 14 different shows, 9 specials, and over 50,000 podcast downloads.

On top of all this, he is an avid photographer sporting a Nikon D7000 DSLR with a liking for landscape, cityscape, wild animals, macro and people photography. Examples of work can be found on his deviantArt page here

Most recently, Phil has learned to use Famitracker, the chiptune composer, whilst being offline. He is currently working on remixing modern video game tracks to make them sound like it's playing from a console in the 80s.

After graduation, Philip has spent 6 months in Bangkok to get a better understanding of the growing technology market in developing countries, and has done the occasional freelance work under the Xiin Networks name.

  • Work
    • BBC
    • Xiin Networks
  • Education
    • City University, London
    • Torquay Boys' Grammar School
    • Bangkok Patana School
    • Reading Blue Coat School