Matt Lee

Philosopher in Brighton, United Kingdom

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I'm a philosopher, interested in both the so-called 'Continental' and 'Analytic' traditions. I obtained my Phd in Philosophy from Sussex University in 2005 and then from 2005-2013 I taught at the University of Greenwich on the Philosophy programme, where I co-organised the volcanic lines - deleuzian research group. My doctoral work was on the ontology of Gilles Deleuze and its implications for language and sense, with a case study focusssing on Wittgensteins' Tractatus. Since then I have developed work on transcendental empiricism. You can find me on

My current work involves teaching and organising at the Free University of Brighton, a new radical project aiming to develop practical alternatives to the problems in the Higher Education sector in the UK brought about by the increased role of markets and fees in the University sector. We are currently running a completely free HE humanities 'freegree' with some 70 students recruited each year that began in 2015-2016 and a Philosophy freegree that began 2016-2017 .

I also occasionally attend a Deleuze reading group in London and a schizoanalysis seminar (also in London) composed of philosophers, artists, activists and psychoanalysts.

I occasionally make films, one of my main projects being Fotamecus Film Majik.

I practice sorcery on a regular basis, sometimes in group-work as well as on my own or with my partner. In my solitary practice I have been following a loosely Sabbatic practice for a decade or so now.

I think I might also define myself as a {devolutionary} at the moment, as it's something like a placeholder for revolutionary praxis, a concept I'm currently in the process of rethinking for myself. I'm a member of Plan C Brighton.

My philosophy blog is, my magick blog is

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