Matt Lee

Philosopher in Brighton, United Kingdom

Matt Lee

Philosopher in Brighton, United Kingdom

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I am a working class philosopher at Free University of Brighton (FUB), where I have taught and organised for the last ten years. I also sometimes do Philosophy in Public on Twitch on Monday evenings, when I'm not teaching a class for FUB.

My current research project - The Freudian Spaceship - is developing a Fanonian schizoanalysis. Working with a South African psychoanalyst and activist and thinking from within my own position as an active revolutionary for over 30 years, we articulate a response to the crisis of life within contemporary capitalism.

I'm a member of Plan C Brighton.

Philosophy, Schizoanalysis, and Sorcery are my fields of interest.


I got my undergrad degree in Philosophy at Wolverhampton University after coming out of prison as a 'Poll Tax' rioter. I did my Masters and Doctorate (2005) in Philosophy at Sussex University. I then taught Philosophy for a decade at the University of Greenwich.

During my doctorate in philosophy, originally focused on Heidegger and Wittgenstein, I bumped into the works of Deleuze. The next few years drew me into an increasing relationship to this obscure and beautiful philosopher, although as I gradually came to understand what he was talking about the real focus of my interest became his concept of a 'transcendental empiricism'. My interest in Heidegger and the Wittgenstein of the Tractatus had, I realised, also been bound up in the problems of the 'transcendental' and the Kantian enemy that I was encountering.

During my time at the University of Greenwich I coordinated an initiative of the Philosophy Group called 'Volcanic Lines – deleuzian research group' which included a book length collection of essays Thinking Between Deleuze and Kant: A Strange Encounter, publised by Continuum. Some of the old work of that research group is still available online.

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