Phil Pustejovsky

Real Estate Mentor and Real Estate Investor in Daytona Beach, Florida

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Phil Pustejovsky Wiki - National speaker, best selling author, legendary investor, highly-sought-after mentor and real estate coach, Phil Pustejovsky has been leading everyday people to financial freedom for nearly a decade through the power of creative real estate investing. Well known for being a part of thousands of transactions, Phil has been recognized as one of America's leading authorities on residential real estate. Starting from very humble beginnings, homeless and living out of his truck, Phil rose to top of the real estate investing world by following the guidance of a mentor. After reaching his own personal goals through real estate investing, Phil began transforming financial lives through his innovative trainings, courses and mentoring. After nearly a decade of teaching others how to succeed in real estate, his track record for helping everyday people make real money has been spectacular. His mission now is to transform as many financial lives as he can through the his company Freedom Mentor.

Freedom Mentor has accomplished what no other real estate investing training organization ever has in history. By the sharing of profits when deals close, Phil and his team have been able to create more market leading investors than any company in the past. It's a remarkable example of how if you help enough other people get what they want, you'll get what you want. People from all walks of life; school teachers, post office workers, doctors, professional athletes, truck drivers, college professors, housewives, and college students have all been transformed by Phil's Apprentice Program.

In addition to mentoring his apprentices, Phil Pustejovsky finds time to provide and innovative trainings to his YouTube channel, his blog and to guest blogs. The response has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. His YouTube channel has become the #1 most watched channel in the real estate investing industry with over 2 Million total views. His blog has been rated among the top on the internet. And his messages have inspired countless people to reach for their dreams and hit their goals.

Phil is very easy to reach and makes himself available to whomever wishes to reach out to him. Perhaps the best way is by ema

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