Phil Routhier

Firefighter and Scuba Diver in the United States

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Phil Routhier is a passionate adventurer and active leader in his community. He dedicates much of his time to being a volunteer firefighter and serving the greater good.

He loves his work as a firefighter as it allows him to build strength both physically and mentally while he creates a positive difference in the lives of others. When Phil Routhier began looking for a career path, he knew he wanted to do something different from the regular 9-5 desk job. He knew he wanted to be out in the community working with his hands and staying active. He found firefighting to be the perfect fit as it often requires unique hours, physical fitness, mental toughness, and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of situations. Every day is different for Phil Routhier as a firefighter. You never know exactly what to expect when you walk into work. The excitement, adventure, and service to the community are what brought Phil Routhier into the field and are what will keep him there to stay for the foreseeable future.

Outside of his career and community work, Phil Routhier is also passionate about scuba diving. Growing up he always loved swimming and being around the water. He finds the seemingly limitless depths of the ocean and its many sea creatures to be simply fascinating.