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Uv printer

Our modern globe has changed the way we conduct business, and technology has definitely changed the way we obtain the actual photo ID cards required for that business. Today in one facility printing has replaced outsourcing techniques. That’s because it’s therefore affordable, and it provides you having a great deal of flexibility. Choosing the right IDENTIFICATION card printer for your company is important, so take some time to understand what’s available, and what it offers.

Uv printer

Choose from single sided, double sided or laminating ink jet printers. Single sided printers can handle quality printing on one part, in either color or even monochrome. Dual sided machines offer the same quality, however they can print on both edges. They also offer barcode, magnet strip, encoding, smart card, and much more. Laminating printers offer an additional layer of protection from usage. You also enjoy additional protection protection, because altering these types of cards is very difficult. A few have a look at some of the most popular IDENTITY card printer manufacturers.