Phorm Company

A former investment banking executive, Kent Ertugrul founded Phorm, Inc., after founding Voxster and Capitalizing on the experience gained through the development of these two successful companies, he quickly established Phorm as a leader in the Internet personalization industry. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ertugrul led the company through its initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange and continues to ensure that Phorm remains an industry leader in online privacy. The company maintains the highest standards for safeguarding personal information and requires user permission via an unmissable opt-in screen before collecting any data. Phorm never stores IP addresses or browsing histories, and it protects personal information by identifying users only by an anonymous, randomized 24-digit account number. Phorm's engineers have precluded any possibility of reverse engineering. In addition, Phorm never shares any personal information with third parties, even its corporate partners.

Phorm's flagship product is known as Discover. Through partnerships with Internet service providers, this service creates a uniquely personalized Internet experience for users. After individuals opt in to the service, Discover learns about their interests in real time and recommends relevant content, such as articles and videos. For example, people who are interested in a particular current event will receive recommended articles about that event when they visit a news website. Likewise, someone researching a specific smartphone will find associated reviews, sales pages, and auctions through Phorm's product. Since Discover works in real time, it adapts quickly to changing interests to deliver only the most relevant suggestions to the user.

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