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Photographer, Web Developer, and Astrologer in Los Angeles, California

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I am a photographer living in Los Angeles. I am also a unique artist that happens to sometimes express myself with a little color on my face :-)

Experience Levels:

I have a Degree in Computer Science as well as 15 years technology consulting experience.
I have been studying and consulting on Astrology for 10 years.
I have been and am an Events and Portrait Photographer for past 20 years.

A quick blurb about my mohawk. It is not about punkers or rebels for me. I wear it for a few reasons. It is part of the native American spirituality which I follow. If you read up on shamanism that should help clarify. I also do not believe in following the norms of society. I like to keep things interesting and creative. There are fun questions which I get asked all the time along with answers in my main YouTube Video regarding my mohawk/hairstyle.

I grew up in Saint Louis Missouri. I have one sister who has two amazing daughters. My parents still live in my hometown. I went to college and was awarded a master's degree in Computer Science. My first job was a dream come true since I happen to love trains. It was at Union Pacific Railroad. After working for the railroad for about a year, I moved to Chicago and had various technology jobs and traveled extensively. After I was tired of the cold winters, I decided to move someplace warmer. I was offered a job at Walt Disney Company in their consumer products division as a Database Administrator. This had become my specialty in technology, databases(Sybase, Oracle, MSSQL). After a very short stay of only six months, I was laid off as voluntary layoff. During this period following the layoff summer 2001, and after much soul searching, I decided to get into photography instead of technology. I started to grow a mohawk, dyed it green(and later every other color you can imagine), and began taking pictures of nightlife in Los Angeles. I was noticed by an editor of a local magazine, and my professional career as a photographer began. I still do publication work occasionally . Most of my work now is freelance in various gay night clubs and parties throughout the Los Angeles and West Hollywood areas of California. Namaste.

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    • University of Missouri
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