Fred Gaghauna

Photographer, Volunteer, and Project Manager in Jakarta, Indonesia

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I am just an ordinary guy with extra ordinary dreams. An Indonesian, was born in a combination of the West and the East part of the country; Half each side, a balance.

I am an IT specialist, a lifetime volunteer, a photographer, a couchsurfing community moderator and a couchsurfing traveller ambasador, a hasher, lazy writer, used to be an official government, once a TV presenter, made some documentary movies, once choosen as a young ambassador of Indonesia, a lifetime uncle.

People said Religion is only for the weak and the stupid. I don't mind that, as I am weak and stupid anyway. I am not a religious kinda guy at all, just live the life the fullest with some controls. It's between me and the Universe anyway, so everyone else should stay away! :D

I follow the paths which avoided by others, I have unusual life, rich of silliness and full of stories. Trying hard not to complain of things. :)