Piermaria Cosina

I grew up with the spread of computers and technology for the masses.

I was what today we would call a digital native. At the time, a child who in front of a new technology device knew about how to make it work without having ever read the manual.

I never heard my father saying: “it is impossible to do”, he has the wisdom of Mc-Gyver. He was fascinated by technology, which he brought home, and I - with the computer in green and black - drew with the text editor.

Year by year I moved from wanting to become a paleontologist to create strategy games. Little has changed from then: the mechanics of the game is always important for me, and curiosity is what drives me on and on.

I nurture this stream with thousands of feeds, which I try to filter out every morning: I spend a lot of time observing what is around me, and I do think that creativity is like breath, one thing you need to train.

When as a child I was wrong, my father used to tell me “either you make things with love, or anything is worth it”, and basically is what I do every day, I try to put love and care in what I do to distinguish it from the rest.