Pierre Moutonnet

Web Developer, Consultant, and Teacher in France

15 years experience in webdesign, and project management. Focusing now on webmarketing, datas, UX design and training. In fact, almost everything empowering up the user experience. I am working with clients in France, western Europe, and Canada.

I am dedicating my skills to small and medium businesses, being specialized in Open Source CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop).

I am also a substitute school teacher in french schools in Morocco (elementary school) and provide basic chinese courses for children and young teenagers, being licensed in chinese language and having a work experience in Taïwan.

I made part of my chinese studies at the chinese foreign Institute of Beijing a long time ago ( 1997).

Before moving to Morocco, where I live, I also had a 4 years experience as a trainer for public institutions and administrations in Auvergne area (France) - 2008-2012

  • Work
    • Design Strategist, webmarketer
  • Education
    • Paris Universitas