Pieter van de Glind


Since I discovered the Collaborative (Sharing) Economy thanks to Rachel Botman's TED talk, it took over all of my time. I completed my master thesis research on the consumer potential of Collaborative Consumption in August 2013 (Dutch summary). During the research I co-founded shareNL, the Dutch platform for Collaborative Consumption and became a global curator for collaborativeconsumption.com. I also founded Tuintjedelen, a Dutch garden sharing platform.

As the Chief Knowledge Officer at shareNL, I spend half my time on gathering knowledge through reading and oversation. The other half I spend on sharing knowledge through writing and speaking.

Current projects I'm working on are Amsterdam Sharing City, and a book for individuals, company representatives and entrepreneurs who are interested in the Collaborative Economy.

Besides all this, I love to explore cities and mountain ranges across the world. I also like to hear from you!

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  • Education
    • Msc Sust. Dev. - Env. Gov., Utrecht University (August 2013)
    • Bsc Social and Cultural Anthr. and Dev. Soc., Amsterdam University