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Born In The Close

Born identified given by delivering [Stanford] Doctor as female. In 2004 Govenor Schwarzenegger with state level authority granted my sex identity mistake corrected to male. I was born intersex male to my mom and dad in Palo Alto, CA. No one would believe me that I was a boy and I was raised female. Ihad to wear dresses and was a tom boy at the very least. Never a lady and you can ask my brothers or cousins who I restled with lots of times. My picture in 2003 was my last year as a legal drivers licienced identified female . I began my adolescents from boyhood in 2004. I use my birth name except for my first name is changed for a boy's name. For my family I use a pen name and the State thinks it is safer. Back in the days of the, The Stanford Ranch, was the only place around for miles, where people like my parents could go have their babies. My MOM is of the people in those days that work on the land for the man. We called the white land owners , The Man. The Man could be Spanish but usual white in those days around there. My Mom told us that the Stanford ranch was very kind to the land laborers. Later on we saw more Japanese and Spanish land owners. My Mom had most all her children at Stanford and the last one was at El Camino hospital in Mt View. It had just been built in time in 62. When my Mom had been carrying me she was low on protein and her hair and nails were falling off. She had her babies not more than a year apart and I was her third one. They had no birth control in those days and the Doctor refused to give her any. My Dad was afraid to even touch her or she would get pregnant. My poor MOM and Dad , but what could I do? I was either running up and down my Pop's back or sitting it out inside Mom. But that was always me, either here or there. then, always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I found this pattern would follow me the rest of my life. You think one might get an even break and not have to be tagged with the same bad luck you were born with. Well nobody really knows you, my Mom would say about people. I thought it from very little because nobody believed me that I am a boy. I lived what the Natives called a controlled kind of double identity. I was one of the family secrets that the family did not even know about. I was in the closet to everyone but myself. http://fountain40.blogspot.com/2012/06/bor