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Decorating with Throw Pillows can Make a Huge Impact

Decorating on a budget doesn't have to mean sacrificing style and qualify. For instances, adding throw pillows to your decor is a great way to add a pop of color and to make the room feel cozy. Designer pillows can be expensive. Instead of purchasing, consider making your pillows. Pillows are easy to make even for a beginner.Pillow InsertsYou will need 18x18 pillow insert or PillowCubes for the inside stuffing. There are tons of designer quality pillow inserts from which to choose. You can even purchasewholesale pillow inserts as you may decide to make your new hobby into a pillow making business.FabricFabric for your pillows can be store bought or from re-purposed items in your home. For instance, a unique tee shirt can become a cool pillow for your bed. Perhaps you love the design on old sheets that may be worn. You can turn them into pillows instead of throwing the sheets away. Choosing the fabric may be the most difficult part to making pillows because of all the beautiful fabrics to choose from.Determine the size your pillow will be before cutting the fabric and buying the pillow forms. Once you have decided on the print and forms it's time to make the pillow.There are tons of videos online that show how to make pillows. You don't need a sewing machine although it will speed the process up tremendously. A cutting mat will make life easier but scissors will do the job just as well.Find a flat surface to work on. A dinning room table works wonders or the floor will do the trick too. Lay out the fabric and measure the pillow. Cut out the fabric. If making an overlapping outer shell, you will need to double the measurement as you will be working with one large piece that will overlap. For this type of pillow your inserts will slide in to one side and then become fully cover by the other piece.The zipper pillow is a little more advanced. You will be working with two pieces of fabric that you will attach to each side of the zipper before sewing up the sides. Make sure to leave an opening in the zipper so that you can turn the fabric inside out before putting in your pillow inserts.You are only limited to your imagination. Consider cutting out and sewing felt letters on to your new