J. David Mitchell

Senior Engineer in Arlington, Virginia

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Architect, developer and systems engineer interested in microservices and distributed computing.

Expertise in prototyping, architecture design, data modelling, testing, performance tuning, continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Has worked extensively with Kubernetes, MongoDB, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Redis, Neo4J, Greenplum, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Couchbase and Riak.

Red Hat Certified Engineer

Application development: node.js (typescript), PHP, Go, Scala, Java, Python, Lua...

DevOps: Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Github Actions, Docker, Prometheus, ELK Stack, chat ops...

Experience building highly available, secure, loosely-coupled RESTful services.

Experience building DApps using Ethereum and Quorum.

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  • Work
    • Mitchell Media
  • Education
    • Yale University