Pinke Cube

I began my 4c natural hair journey as of June 2006. I loved my hair, but was always unsatisfied with my hair's growth rate and results in time consuming hair styles. I also felt like my hair wouldn't grow if I didn't protective style all the time, and that really took a lot of the enjoyment out of my hair journey.

The great changing effect of my journey was not until September 2013-- I discovered the importance of moisture when I wore a shower cap for 3 months straight to grow back a bald spot.

November came by and the bald spot grew in 1.5 inches. But not only that. This 4c hair, grew out of my scalp curling from root to tip! I later discovered that what I had done was actually called "the green house effect", and what my hair had done, was called max hydration. That started my research on moisture, cherry lola treatments, porosity, and max hydration.

Eventually I ran across Danabnatural and Aketafitgirl's videos on Youtube and it facinated me the changes they had in their hair and the transformations their hair made. I finally saw proof in others that frizzy hair can transform with moisture!

They motivated and inspired me to do even more research and go on to create this 4c and 4b hair and low porosity natural hair focused regimen, that also explains why low porosity hair behaves the way it does and how to control it.

My goal is to change the 4c/4b hair community, give people that level of complete control in their hair journeys. I want to take what i have learned and share it with everyone else so they can have easier journeys and not have to do any more guessing games about their hair. Most of all, rearrange our thinkng that we do not have a curl pattern. Our hair is the MOST curly, and this method will reveal that on many beautiful heads of tightly coiled hair.