Piotr Nabielec


Piotr is a Trainer and Coach in an IT world, with 10 years experience, passionate about helping people and organizations be more productive, achieve their dreams and get things done.

Personal Productivity geek, founder of Produktywni.pl training company, author of the book titled "Effective Multitasking", writing articles on Productivity and Communication for Lifehack.org and other magazines.

You can regularly see him speaking at IT conferences and his goal is always to be among the top 3 speakers. You could even see him speaking to 300 kids :)
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Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths: Developer, Responsibility, Connectedness, Achiever, Individualization.
Mayers-Briggs: INFJ - The Advocate.

Husband, vegetarian, Jesus follower, part time musician playing percussion instruments and acoustic guitar.