Pitt Street

Great Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is known for many things. Great scenery, wonderful restaurants, and great shopping. There are several distinct shopping precincts located in this vibrant area. Enjoy Shopping Sydney City, with this helpful guide to where you'll find just what you're looking for. Take a ferry, visit the Sydney Opera House, there are many things for everyone

Pitt Street Mall is one shopping precinct that you might enjoy. It's located in the city centre within the business district. Not only is the shopping wonderful at Pitt St Mall, with their high end department stores, clothing stores for the fashionable person, and lovely boutiques, but, it's also stunning. Shoppers enjoy the restored interiors of these stores almost as much as they enjoy the items they can buy. Learn more about the shopping experience you can expect by visiting www.pittstreetmall.com.au. With so many shops in one area, you'll surely find something for yourself, and everyone in the family.

Sydney's markets are perfect for visiting with the family. You'll find amazing bargains, local items, and delicious foods. Take breaks from your shopping and sit back to enjoy some of the many different types of entertainment. For the person who is into wearing unique fashions that aren't found just anywhere, shop Oxford street. You'll find many trendy boutiques to enjoy. Be sure to take advantage of the many souvenir shops to find something to take home as a reminder of your time in Australia.

The Sydney Opera House is the perfect way for anyone interested in culture to spend a day. From plays, to theater, and musical performances, there's something for almost anyone to enjoy. The architecture alone is reason enough to visit this gorgeous building. Consider taking a guided walking tour so that you don't miss a thing on your visit.

Enjoy the great outdoors with a visit to Manly Beach. Experience calm waters on one side, and waves on the other. Get some extra exercise by taking a bike tour of Manly. Ride along the coast and take in the breathtaking scenery. The relaxing coves, and beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a