PK Siva Subramanian

Theoretical Physicist in Chennai, India

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Hi guys, my name is Prem. I am this Indian dude from Madras, a city in the South of India. I have been living in Stuttgart, Germany for the last 8 years. People tell me that I am a big time weirdo and often times a freak. I don't pay much attention to these opinions. I am a Chemical Engineer and Theoretical Physicist. I absolutely love Math and Physics. If I don't do either of them a day, I go nuts.

Apart from Math and Physics, I worship Batman and Star Trek. In fact, my religion is Batmen - people who believe in the wisdom and the teachings of Batman. Comic books are very important to me. DC is my favorite. Although there are some good stuff available from Marvel. I am an out and out DC guy. In addition to comic books, I am a huge SciFi fan. Follow the work of people like Stephenson and Gibson religiously. I also write SciFi shorts. I haven't published any of them yet.

Programming has also been a major thing in my life. I am a huge UNIX slut and always will be. My favorite operating system is OpenBSD, followed by FreeBSD, NetBSD and DragonFly BSD. Sorcerer OS is the only Linux based distribution that I still use.

Thanks for your vist folks.

  • Work
    • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Education
    • IIT Madras, Harvard University and University of Stuttgart