PlanetStreetPainting & Streetpeter

Street Painting Pioneer, Creative Director, and Co-Maker Based in Utrecht, Nederland

For the past two decades Planet Streetpainting (PSP) has been one of the leading street painting brands in the world. It's mission is simply to inspire by spreading the beauty of street painting in a big and exciting way, all over the globe.

Ever since its inception in 2003, and under the guidance of its founder Peter Westerink, Planet Streetpainting (PSP) has wowed audiences across continents and in over 20 countries with their impressive performances.

PSP has been at the forefront of modern day pavement art, both in 2D and 3D perspective. It supported, collaborated and co-created with a great variety of talented streetpainters, chalk festivals as well as with cool brands from various countries, thus creating hundreds of ephemeral artworks, while inspiring thousands of people from all walks of life.

Peter has been admiring and pioneering the World of Pavement art and International Street Painting since 2001. And witnessed the rise of Chalk Art Festivals, 3D Street ArtPainting and 3D murals ever since.

Over the years he put his creative and business talents to good use by supporting lead- as well as emerging streetpainters, starting up festivals, setting Guinness Records, film making etc. But foremost by producing unique live art experiences with a wow-factor through his Planet Streetpainting (PSP) company.

Being a frontrunner in this global community for the past 20 years, making a difference for artists and art form, he sees himself as one of the few true street painting specialists around, as well as a passionate Ambassador of this great and historic art form, that has meanwhile conquered the world with it's unique and rare ephemeral beauty.

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    • University of Groningen, Business School, the Netherlands.