Lanza Martineta


Lanza Martineta was introduced to the camera at the tender age of nine by his grandfather who made a living getting people to pose with a monkey on their shoulder on Blackpool's sea front while he took their photo. After falling out of love with his candy floss assistants job, he followed in his grandfathers footsteps minus the monkey.

His photos delve into the complex and evocative imaginary of contemporary fine art photography and he is widely recognized as a prestigious and creative innovator. Lanza's extraordinary distinctive and individual style is throwing fresh new light on the capabilities of contemporary artistic photographers. Lanza has written at length on the subject of photography and is still considered to be one of the major influences of style and technique in the wedding and portrait industry today.

Lanza is competent in the manipulation of photographs, restoration, enhancement and aesthetic improvement. he is also particularly good with interior window displays that grasp the attention of major national teleivision and newspapers.

"At what stage will the Government and banks be answerable for the devastating effects they are having on the economy and more importantly, people's lives with their radical decisions?."

What's happening to our high streets?

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    • Ex Jessops Employee