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Plastics is one of the most used materials in the manufacture of toys, tools and other consumer goods, it is the name “ plastic”, from the Greek “plastictos” refers to “form”. It is clear that the true value of plastic material lies in the way it is used and shaped. The plastic is extremely malleable and can be pressed. Extruded, molded or formed into many different shapes

Plastic mold is used in the wide range of products, from everyday office products as pens, clips and printers to high-end applications such as televisions, stadiums and space shuttles. Before the widespread introduction of plastics in many different industries, other materials such as wood, stone, glass, ceramics and leather were used as standard products. Well, finding leather and stone products indicated a certain quality and “rarity” because most of our things are made of plastic. Plastic displaces all these traditional materials. And is nowadays the predominant material in all production.

The disadvantages of using plastic molds come from its chemical composition. The compounds, which include plastic, limited their ability to withstand heat and make them susceptible to hard knocks and weight. Plastics are limited in how dense and hard they can be made, which caused many of those weakness, in addition, plastics are not very conducive to electricity and therefore, their use in electronic components is limited. In additional, the price of molded plastic parts and materials limits their use as construction material in construction projects, as it is too expensive compared to concrete and wood.

Polyvinyl chloride is an extremely useful plastic, commonly known as pvc, it is widely used in pipes, but it also has many practical applications, such as the arrangement of large molds and many other applications where hoses are used. There are other ways, PVC can be used in rain equipment, food packing, shrink wrap, home liners, computer covers and many other places where most people do not wait, there is a good reason, there manufacture of plastic molding is not an easy task. It requires a deep knowledge and the structure of the materials that will be used. As well as the methods used to quality because errors may occur everywhere. The production of the mold must take into account the core if the metal, which can be aluminum or die-cut steel. Whose choice influences the uniformity of the properties of the articles of all the gaps. go to to know more.