Micah Ristevski

Fifzine has recently upped their efforts in propagation of relevant insider information on the plastic manufacturing industry by launching a revamped website that hosts their expert’s take on simple to complex issues within the trade.

The site now features easy to navigate category tabs to facilitate easier knowledge search and sharing.

Knowledge is Power

The site hosts everything for free so all resources are obtainable pro bono.

Will Stone, President of Fifzine, believes that knowledge is power and that it must free for all so making this information available for everyone will make learning more open. Long before Fifzine, most people just shrug off the idea of having plastics around.

Plastics are such commonplace materials found anywhere that it gets taken for granted all the time. Plastic was first commercialized in the early 1940s due to more sophisticated mass production facilities and it has changed the lifestyle of many generations that came after it.

Plastic is actually made from plant materials called cellulose, which makes it partly, natural in form. Every household has its many diverse uses for plastic materials but none of them realize its origins, safe handling, manufacturing, how it can affect the environment and many other things.

“Fifzine advocates free knowledge sharing to make informed consumers. We all know that plastic may have some detrimental effects to the environment when used in an improper way but if you are more informed about, say ways to recycle it then you can contribute to the environment,” laments Will.

The information in the website are segmented into three categories namely:
• Manufacturing
• Molding, and
• Recycling

Each section now contains various articles that seeks to inform readers about each area. From titles that explain the whole, unabridged plastic manufacturing process to enumerating ways that a recycled manufacturer starts their business, students or any interested folks within or outside the industry can learn new and authoritative insights from real people who work directly for and under the same industry.

Its proponents, spearheaded by Will urges everyone [especially that his team knows that many of us still actively use plastic these days] to become informed citizens who can make good use of the information on plastic to bette