Toronto, Canada

The Playhouse is a highly functional hybrid studio that combines the flexibility and convenience of modern digital recording software with the warmth and musicality of analog recording technology. Located in downtown Toronto, the Playhouse Studio is a comfortable environment with plenty of natural light that evokes freedom of inspiration - a breeding ground for spontaneous creativity.

Owned and operated by multi-instrumentalist, producer/engineer and composer Snappy Homefry, the studio is equipped with hand selected vintage and modern hardware coupled with the latest software creating an ideal place to write, record and mix music.

At the heart of every recording, the goal is to find a sonic signature that gives each musical creation its own unique sound. The aim is musical timelessness. The Playhouse Studio is a warm and inspiring environment that evokes creative spontaneity. With the access to a variety of guitars, keyboards, world percussion instruments, drum machines, samples and expansive collection of effects, there is a world of possibility at the Playhouse where the only limitations is the creativity at hand.

  • Work
    • Hybrid Recording Studio
  • Education
    • The Harris Institute, Toronto Canada